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Providence Missionary Baptist Church History

Providence Missionary Baptist Church (Providence, Caswell County, North Carolina)

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In the summer of 1859, Brother S. G. Mason, pastor of the Yanceyville Missionary Baptist Church began preaching one Saturday of each month at Moon's Creek Meeting House, which belonged to the Anti-Missionary Baptist Church.

In 1860 the meetings were moved to Sergeant's schoolhouse because some of the Anti-Missionary group objected to the Missionary group using their building.

Steven Sergent, who was a member of Moon's Creek congregation, did not agree with their anti-missionary beliefs. He forthwith gave the missionary group a one room school house building and ample land and joined their congregation. This was across the road from where the present Providence Church stands. Later this land was traded to C. B. Flintoff for land where the present Providence Missionary Baptist Church stands.

In 1862, the Yanceyville Church granted the Providence arm of the church the right to hold meetings and secure the right of preaching the word, reception and dismissal of members, administration of the ordinances, and the exercise of discipline. During that year the first church house for Providence was built. Some 65 persons were on the membership rolls. The first record of contributions to missions was in that year, also.

In May 1874 the Providence arm of the Yanceyville Baptist Church was constituted into an independent church and began "keeping house for the Lord."

In 1887 we find the first record of a preacher being employed at a fixed salary. C.A.G. Thomas was called at a salary of $125.00 for the year.

A larger church building, with some Sunday school rooms, was built in 1912 to take care of the increased membership.

The church grew and its third worship house was built in 1962. The old building continued in use as Sunday school rooms, etc., until the present educational building was completed in 1978. Then the old building was torn down and removed.

In 1990 an elevator was installed. Rev. Barry Crocker, Louie and Connie Oakley went on a Mission trip to Cost Rica. Louie and Connie also went on other Mission trips to Costa Rica in 1993 and 1995. In 1991, 12 chandeliers were hung in the sanctuary and a new sound system was installed. In 1992, the fellowship hall was remodeled. In 1995, a new sign for the front of the church was purchased and plexi-glass was put over the stained glass windows of the church, also a volleyball court was added and the church grounds were landscaped. In 1992 and 1994 there were Mission trips to West Virginia, each time clothes, food and toys were taken, and each time the estimated value was over $3,000. In 1995, the first Youth pastor was hired, Bruce Morgan, and a new piano was purchased. In 1998, new play ground equipment was given by L. Aubrey Goodson, Jr., Nancy G. Parrott, and Neal Goodson, the children of Louie and Lenna Goodson. In 1999, a Disaster Relive tram went to the NC coast to rebuild and repair homes destroyed by Hurricane Floyd. The team was made up of 12 men, youth and 2 women. Also, a truck of supplies went with them for the victims.

Later the parking lots on both sides of the church were paved.

Today the church continues to grow. A large youth and young people's department assures there will continue to be a Providence Missionary Baptist Church in the future.

Pastors who have served Providence Missionary Baptist Church: Revs. S. G. Mason, Jesse Wheeler, T. H. Walker, B. H. Phillips, J. A. Lamberth, C. G. Jones, C. A. G. Thomas, S. G. Mason (again), S. B. Wilson, Wingate, J. B. Jones, J. E. Armstrong, D. J. Harris, D. A. Keller, J. K. Reid, S. L. Becker, H. T. Allison, J. F. Davis, J. A. Hackney, R. W. Prevost, Hugh Nichols, C. W. Wood, W. S. Tillman, Karl Stukenbroke, Frank L. Israel, W. T. Smith, B. C. Lamb, Roy D. Keller, Charles O. Jenkins, Howard Laney, Allen Thompson, Talmadge Wilcox, Claude Harrelson, Barry Crocker, Dan Wackerhagen, Steve Conerly, Kenneth Clark.

Rev. Clark is still serving at this time (1998) and the church is growing in members and service for the Lord. Rev. Bruce Morgan was engaged to minister to the children and youth in 1995 and also there has been a very favorable growth in this area.

Source: Scott, Jean B., Editor. In the Beginning . . . The Churches of Caswell County (c.1998), pp. 80-81.

Note: The reference to the Yanceyville Missionary Baptist Church is to First Baptist Church of Yanceyville. And the reference to the Anti-Missionary Baptist Church probably is to the Moon's Creek Primitive Baptist Church.

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